17 April 2007

Sock # 1 & # 2 all done

Love Bug models socks #1

And Barbie is modeling socks#2. My niece the Prim Princess, requested these for her Barbie dolls.

I have Sock #3 & #4 halfway done, so yay!


Jenneke said...

Those are so cute!!!

Karin said...

THANK you for the Barbie socks and pics. Made me laugh out loud. I love them!
My next reaction: how on earth did you do it??

Teri said...

Adorable. I wonder how many Barbie and baby socks I'll have to knit next March to make the goal.

Mama Turtle said...

Thank everyone! I'll post the pattern on thew blog today! I'm also going to post it on my blog.