18 April 2007

Pairs 4 & 5

Sock update

Pair 4
After spending almost four hours on various street cars, trains and S-bahns yesterday, I was able to finish up this pair of socks. Tackily pictured on my feet which are propped up on the coffee table in our hotel room in Tel Aviv. Unfortunately during the day it is too warm for wool socks. This evening, when I was caught out in the pouring rain and sandals, I didn't have them on and came home with cold toes. The yarn is comerical German sock yarn. 60 stitches on 2,5 mm needles. The pattern is my own.

Pair 5

The second sock on this pair was knit today. S-Bahn to Airport and finished it on the flight from Zurich to here.

This yarn is Regia, one of their anitque colorway series from 2004-2005. Again (gee, I am really consistant on this) 60 stitches on 2,5 mm needles. It is a rather mild mannered stripe and would have lent itself well to a lot of vertical patterns. Just your basic vanilla sock with plain strape heel and one toe that got a bit pointy.


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