09 April 2007

My First Pair

Hey All,

Before I post my picture, I wanted to say I'm really enjoying this KAL, and more so I'm really enjoying seeing everyone's progress. This has got to be the 1st blog I go to in my bloglines. The posts are ALL encouraging in their own way. Suffice it to say, I completed my 1st pair.
These were matches to socks I had started prior to the plunge.
On the left the match to my husbands size 13 socks, knit using Trekking XXL and on the right, a Fuego Sock (pdf file), using STR in Bleeding Hearts.

Right now I have no idea, what's next, but you can best believe I will be getting it together ASAP.



eKNITabeth said...

I have to admit, i'm becoming a little obsessed with this KAL myself... I check it more often than i used to check my email in college ;D

Daryl said...

Your DH is a lucky man that you willingly knit socks for such a large foot. Nice socks.

Elysbeth said...

Thanks for the fun pattern idea. Wow, size 13.

Holly said...

Now, if you complete a pair after the start of the KAL, does it count? Or do we discount all stitches prior to the start?
Inquiring minds would really like to know.
It seems to me that if you finish them after the start of the period, it counts as a pair.
So that to me counts as two pairs you have done.
Since we are counting baby socks as a pair, and kids socks as a pair. Seems to me fair to give you full credit for those size 13s!

Or am I on the wrong side of logic?