09 April 2007

First Pair Done

First Pair Complete - Check
Fifty-One Pair To Go - Oh, what have I done?!

Kidding. I am loving this so far.

Just wanted to post a photo of my first pair for the KAL. I am calling them Pewter Socks.

You can view all the details at Trixie's Stix. I must mention the cable design was done by Shirley Paden for her Pewter Coat (hence the name, Pewter Socks) in Interweave Knits, Winter 2006 magazine. Lovely as it is, I knew I would never knit the sweater (Time is a precious commodity around my house). But her design is wonderful and I knew it would be fun to knit. So I used her cable chart for these socks. You can click on the photo to get a better view.

Just an FYI, I really like the yarn, Knit Picks Gloss. A very economical way to get a pair of soft socks. With the silk content (20%) I think these will quickly be a favorite. Though, I would like to see a large color selection.


Kerry said...

Those are some seriously fantastic socks!!!

Elysbeth said...

Amazing! Very luxurious and elegant.