11 April 2007

Heel Help

Hi All,

I currently knitting a chevron toe up sock. I want to experiment with an Eye of the Partridge Heel. Now I found the tutorial on how it's done, but nowhere does it say when to start. Can someone help me with that? Do I start the heel, at the place where my foot connects to my leg? Any help would be appreciated.



Margie said...

The eye of partridge stitch is one you can use in any sock heel. I usually use it in a flap heel instead of heel stitch (it's just a alternate version.) In fact, I discovered the EOP when I made a mistake on the heel stitch and liked it better. Then I found out what it was called. I start with a knit row at the point where the ankle meets the foot, yes. I started doing P1, Sl across (instead of K1, sl 1 across) on alternate purl rows. (Less purling!). I have directons on my blog too.

Necia said...

Thanks Margie.


Holly said...

Since you are going toe up, do your flap first (or whatever you do on the bottom) then start it on the part of the sock that is going to wrap around your heel.
I do the same as Margie, I slip on the purl row since I got good at sticking the needle through two stitches, just purling on the far one, then sliding them both off the needle. Knitting back is always fast.
Failing that, you can always do the slips on the knit row, then just knit backwards on the next row.
Have fun!