15 March 2008

Pair #51

Meet the Zombies - from Round One of Sock Madness.

Knit of merino/nylon sock yarn in colourway "Black & Blue" there were 64 stitches knit top down on 2,00 bamboo needles.
Started evening 13 March, finished 1330, 15 March - today_

A bit darker in relief, the drop stitches strike this nice balance between gaping holes and bits of flesh falling off (grin).

Only one pair to go. I am trying to decide - do I crank them off to have be done? Or do I do something spectacular for the last pair?

52 Balls of yarn the wall, 52 balls of yarn -
take one down and knit it around...
51 balls of yarn on the wall....



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Leslie said...

Your Zombies look great!

Elysbeth said...

Can you compromise - fancy legs with a typical foot? That way if it is "too" fancy you'll have a nice plain foot to whisk off the needles.