30 January 2008

And I had such a good start!

I finished up last year with 38/52 pairs knit, most of which were completed prior to August. Then I went to China, came back to get interested in knitting a couple of cardigans, took a cruise (three pairs of socks plus one sweater start to finish). Returning home, I found I was relocating to the UK in the next four weeks.

So naturally, I started another sweater - go figure.

But I am now sort of settled in Camberley and have this

sitting on a side table in my living room.

It is the balance of the yarn I need to plow through. And perhaps a couple of extra skeins since I don't always count really well.

Since the picture last week, I am back on line (no internet x 2 weeks - try it - you won't like it!)

I have finished pair #39

out of Opal. The pattern is Arch-Shaped Socks by Jen (reference on Ravelry)and they are one of the best fitting pairs I have ever knit.

Pair #40

A pair of blue ribbed boot socks out of College Hill Yarn (aged probably years in my stash)


and Pair # 41

and a pair of miss-matched socks that you can see started in that baggie at the top of the box.

Since Blogger has decided not to let me upload any more pictures, the final ones are just links over from my own server.

I will add pictures of #41 along with #42 in the next couple of days as soon as I finish the toe on the second.

Then it is count down time!

now in the UK.

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