20 December 2007

Numbers 30, 31 and 31 1/2!

I haven't kept my needles going too efficiently lately, but I've made a little progress. Pair #30 is the ever popular Monkey, done in a Regia Stretch on US 2's. They will be a Christmas gift for my son's MIL.
Another six-ply pair. Pattern is a feather and fan by Randy Knudsen, Waterloose Socks. I used US size 3's and an On-line Supersock Winter in greens.

Bringing up the rear, is another pair of Socktopia Eleanor's in On-line Sunset Color, Tequila Lime Sunset in US 2's . . . I must have liked this colorway a lot, because I bought it on four separate occasions! I like the photograph very well, and even the sock, from a slight distance, but the dark color you see is a charcoal with rust, and it doesn't seem to blend very well up close. Still, I love the pattern, and I'm sure someone will enjoy them . . . or I'll have 4 pairs of them myself! I expect to finish the mate tomorrow.
We'll be having Christmas with my eldest son and his family. Should be a blast! Best of the holidays to all, and maybe we will all be reinvigorated once all this hub-bub is behind us!

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