31 October 2007

Pair 21 and 22

I am working this week on getting closer to caught up. I hope to finish at least one more pair. I think I am 9 pair behind right now. Not as bad as I had first thought. These are knit in Trekking 82. It has been the most unusual ball of Trekking I have knit and I really like them. Just plain vanilla socks, 68 stitches on size 2.25mm dpns.

And pair 22 is Cables Galore Knit in Cherry Tree Hill Sockittome yarn in the Spring Frost colorway. knit on size 2.5 mm needles. I really like knitting with the Sockittome sock yarn. I love the supersock from CTH but this yarn has a totally different feel to it. It is thicker and soft, with a slightly looser twist, and knits up beautifully.

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