25 October 2007

Number 27 - past halfway!

Before I display my efforts, I thought you might like to see a vintage pair of baby socks. My office-mate, Jane, has these socks that were made for her father in 1909. I doubt that anyone would think of making black socks for a baby these days! We were trying to determine the fiber, because they definitely are not wool. They feel synthetic. We scouted around and learned that Rayon was invented in the late 1890's, and marketed as "Chardonnay Silk". The amount of stretch and "liveliness" of the yarn in these is surprising.

Here's Pair Number 27, Opal 6 ply in the Tutti Frutti colorway made with Wendy's basic toe-up sock on US size 2's. This is my first pair of toe sup socks, so I kept it simple. I want to try another pair, but at this point, I'd have to say I prefer cuff down, although I did appreciate being able to make the leg as long as I wanted, without worry about running out of yarn. So, this brings me back to my case of SSS - Tofutsies Mock Cable. I'm forcing myself to work on them a bit every day, and have about 3 inches finished on the cuff . . . why did I make the cuff so long! I like the result . . . it's just that the pattern has bored me after making a couple pairs of Monkeys. Also on the needles, the first of Socktopia's "Beatrix" clog sock for a friend. Have worked three pattern rows, using Trekking Pro-Natura. I should also add that I created another pair of mittens for a charity event. This time, two pairs of socks and the aforementioned mittens will be part of a silent auction at the YWCA Holiday Bingo event on Friday, November 2. I'll be able to go to this one, so will see how well they do myself! I hear my Tofutsie creation nagging . . . I mean . . . calling me!

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