17 October 2007

Low profile - high productivity!

Pair number 23, the ever popular Monkey pattern by Cookie A., made in Knit Picks Merino, Rocky Mountain Dusk colorway on US 2's. These were for my Monkey swap pal, Jennifer C. in New Jersey. They have made their journey, and were well-received.
#24 - some Regia in a pink colorway . . . pinks are so hard to find. These are Socktopia's Eleanor pattern, second time I've knit it. It is a favorite already. Made on US 2's.

#25 - Despite the way they photographed, these are a more subdued rusty red . . . in this case, they will be called Dark Persimmon, as they will be a silent auction item at the YWCA Holiday Party. Persimmon is one of the sponsor's colors, so these should be well-received. This is Cavy Shops Zig Zag sock in a an Opal 6-play on US 3's. I really like this pattern, too. Hope they do as well as others did at a charity auction . . . $45 a pair!

Pair #26 - halfway to the target, and hot off the needles, Trekking XXL in . . . believe it or not . . . a very green colorway. In the picture, it appears that nearly all the green disappeared, leaving only the other colors in the ply visible. Once again, these are Monkeys, but the texture doesn't show up well in the picture. As I have been working on them, they have received lots of comments on the color and softness. I actually tried to start the second sock to match the first, but I defy anyone to find to spots in the whole skein that match! So, fraternal twins it is!
Trying to overcome SSS on a pair of Tofutsies Mock Cable. I keep telling myself, I'll be caught up if I just get busy with that second sock. Also on the needles . . . just barely . . . a pair of Beatrix in Trekking Pro Natura for a friend who wears exclusively Birks, to the pattern on the heel should be visible.
Also, doing my first toe up in a 6 play . . . it's one of those patterns that is so simple, I'm sure I've done something wrong!

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