02 September 2007

Three more pair!

Haven't posted in a while. Trying to catch up. The first pair is Eleanor from Socktopia made with Opal on US 2's. It doesn't show clearly in the picture, but the pattern is a diagonal eyelet pattern that is easy to remember, and fun to knit. They matched up with hardly any effort.
This pair is Regia 6 Crazy Color (imagine that) done on US 3's. The pattern is Zig-Zag, and with the slightly larger gauge, I thought I could gain a day or two toward getting back on schedule. The pattern is an easy repeat, and I love the scalloped look it gives this yarn, so much that I used it again with another couple skeins from my "socks-some assembly required" basket.

In this second pair, the repeat of the pattern in the yarn was really long, and it had an alternate variation in it. It is most apparent in the heels. One repeat has a couple rows of blue, and the other doesn't. I decided it wouldn't show on the bottom of the foot so much. Then, as I approached the toe, the yarn pulled off to get to the matching start had to be added in to finish.
I bought a grab bag of Opal yarns on sale from Little Knits. I started out trying to make my own selection, but there were too many good choices. So, I put the burden on them, and I love what they sent me. I haven't looked again for a couple days . . . I know I would be tempted to order another grab bag, but if anyone is interested, there is free shipping on the grab bags.
I have experienced Deja Vu. Several years ago, I took a class on scrap quilting, so I could use up some of my three baskets of scraps. By the end of the course, I had five baskets of scraps. At my "nest" in the living room,there is a basket of sock yarn under the end table, and one in front . . . which is spilling over the top. My sock knitting bag has four pair "under construction". Lucky for me, my DH is working at an auction tomorrow. That's how I finished the second pair of Zig Zags yesterday.
My sister-in-law arrives from Texas on Wednesday, and we are off on my Quilt Guild's fall retreat. I'm taking two pairs of socks as gifts for the director and his wife. They take really good care of us. If only there were a way to get my sides and lungs into condition for the laughter, I'd be all set!

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