13 September 2007

Plodding along . . .

Need to post a picture later, but I have finished another pair of socks in 56 stitches - 56 rows on US size 3's . . . though, I'm still two pair behind. Have an additional sock and the ribbing at the top of its' mate made. I joined Monkey Swap Three since I want to knit another pair of those anyway. Found the most perfect colorway to share at Little Knits . . . Banana with chocolate syrup . . . a hand-paint. Fearing that my swap partner will not see the humor in that, I selected some Trekking Pro Natura wool and bamboo blend to send, too. Has anyone besides me ordered the new Harmony laminated birch circulars available at Knit Picks? They look lovely, and colorful. Last post, I noted that my "socks-some assembly required" basket had doubled, and was overflowing. Thinking my DH might be perturbed, I tidied it all up yesterday. It's nice that it is so compressible . . . I managed to make it fit inside the baskets and not appear to be overflowing. Of course, it's a bit like putting one's thumb in the dike . . . pull a skein out, and it's all going to burst forth in a rush of color! I will have to do it all over again when my swap yarn arrives . . . because I ordered a couple more skeins for myself that were on sale. I'm finding that my addiction to yarn in general is compounded in sock yarn. It's so much easier to justify just one or two extra skeins, as opposed to one or two extra sweater projects. Don't have any trips planned until November, but DH is working an auction Saturday. I can go to watch, and sit and knit uninterrupted!

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