24 September 2007

Next "pair" off the needles!

Had to change chairs so the colors would show up better! The pair on the left are Knit Picks Memories merino on US 1's, and as soft as can be. The pattern is Monkey, and when its' mate is complete, they are off to New Jersey to my Monkey Swap pal. The pair on the right is the second pair of Socktopia's "Eleanor pattern" done on US 2's; yarn is Schachenmayr Regia. I really enjoy that pattern. I have turned the heel on the first Tofutsies mock cable . . . I'm not inspired so much by that one. I think the pattern is so boring. But, I will give Tofutsies another try in another pattern. The yarn is certainly soft!

In six weeks, I'm going to Florida for a week with my quilting friends . . . and a couple who are becoming knitters, too! I found a great little make-up bag resembling a small train case, that will hold just enough yarn, and a tiny kit containing plastic yarn needles, a tape measure, a needle gauge, a crochet hook, and also slip over my wrist. I'm determined to take only one project with me . . . of course, I will have a spare skein or two in my luggage! I'll have quite a bit of time in Atlanta. We all very carefully planned our route through Atlanta instead of a direct flight, merely for the convenience of my DSIL to connect from Dallas, and to gather up Patti, who lives in Atlanta. Well . . . DSIL got a direct flight to Tampa! Fortunately, we all arrive within a few minutes of each other, but what do I care? I'll have my knitting!

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