10 September 2007

11, 12 and 13

Here are pairs 11, 12 and 13. From the left, that's my daughters foot in her adaption of the feather and fan pattern that I made up myself. There is a single feather & fan pattern running down the top of the foot.

Mine are next, feather and fan pattern. The yarn is "OnLine", can't remember the color name, and the tag has gone missing. As I was knitting these our daughter told my husband (dad) that she thought it would be nice if she and I had matching socks .. so we do, sort of.

Lastly is another pair of socks for my niece for her birthday.

Pair 14 is half done. Hope to have them done by Friday, because that is when my friends exchange students b-day is. He's from Columbia, and is finding it quite cold here in Nova Scotia. So I'm knitting him a pair of wool socks. Started them Saturday morning, and toed off the first one this afternoon.

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