11 August 2007


Pairs 32 and 35 are un-bloggable for the time being, but here are a few photos of the rest.

31: Embossed Leaves in Fleece Artist Mill End. Worked toe-up so the leaves point upward.
33: Waving Lace in Sisu. Toe-up. Great pattern, awful yarn.
34: Opal knee socks for DD#1, worked in stitch pattern from Knitty's Thermal, with calf shaping. Details of shaping on my blog.
36 is on the needles, just some fun self-striping Regia Avenue socks for a departing pre-school teacher. Future teachers of the world beware: my kids give socks as gifts. For every occasion.


Heddy said...

Purdy socks ... looks like you have been busy! I saw the pink knee socks in progress at the harlot event last week -- I was very sneaky in my style in checking them out. They turned out cute!

Deb said...

Hee! I didn't know there were other Plungers in NS!