26 June 2007

week 13, I think? pair 5/52

I just gave myself a swirling headache going through almost 3 months of posts! But it was SO worth it. Everyone's socks are amazing.
Yes I fell behind, I may be the most behindest sock knitter on this KAL right now! If you want to know the reason why, there are some details on my "main" blog. www.knitting-and.blogspot.com
BUT! I finally have another finished pair! Plus two more nearly done.

These are size 10 men's; from a sportweight yarn called "Crazy", very soft, but unfortunately no longer available because the distributor, Idena ( a Swedish brand) is no longer exporting to the US. I used about 350 yards/3 skeins, and size 3 needles, 56 stitches, plain vanilla sock pattern.

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