25 June 2007

Somewhere over 20

Actually, I will have to check the list, but probably around 24. I have added them up a couple of times. 10(April) +8(May) +6( so far this month)?

These not tiny socks are knit out of colorway American from thelavendersheep, purchased from her Esty shop. I have a second color way from her, she has nice "guy" colors.

Pattern is a simple 4/2 rib knit over 72 stitches knit top down. It seemed like forever to get the length needed for a man's size 11. The heel is eye of partridge

They are a gift for one of the guys out of the organization that I just spent 2 1/2 weeks in the field with. He kept talking about how neat it would be to have a pair in red.white and blue to wear on the 4th of July.

My shoulder has recovered enough from surgery on the 14th (and thanks for the well wishes from a lot of you) that I can knit socks again. Large needles and heavy sweaters are still out of the question.

Proseknitic in Heidelberg

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