03 June 2007

Pairs 2 - 7

Well, I have been knitting, just not posting... These pairs are all ones that I'd started ages ago but had put aside when I grew tired of plain stockinette and discovered hand-painted sock yarn. It feels good to finally get them off the needles.

Pair 2: Opal Petticoat (stockinette, Addi 1)

Pair 3: TOFUtsies (stockinette, Addi 0

Pair 4: Regia Cotton (stockinette, Addi 0)

Pair 5: Opal Petticoat (stockinette, Addi 0)

Pair 6: Mystery Yarn (basketweave, Addi 1)

Pair 7: Treking XXL (broken rib, Addi 1)

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