09 June 2007

More Socks (19/20 through 21/22)

You know you are on too many blogs when your post winds up on the wrong blog. Trust me to be oatmeal for brains. I now know the day of the week only by looking at my watch.
Pair (whatever - I will get the count caught up as soon as I am home and can see my spreadsheet)
The pattern is Rib on the Side from Fiber Trends. They are designed to be fraternal. If you wanted them to match, you would have to stripe the feet in order not have to use three skeins of yarn. I had an extremely limited amoung of each yarn left.
The yarn is Apple Laine. I think purchased from Loopy Ewe. And knit on a variety of 2,5mm needles.
>Rib on the Side
Heel Detail
And then there are Broken Rib
The yarn for those orange/pink broken rib socks is Dicentra Designs in Sunset. At 375 yards for 4 oz, it is slightly heavier than the traditional sock weight yarns. Composition is 50% wool, 50% alpaca. I am not going to be wearing these until the weather gets cold.
Sunset Broken Rib
And the Victorian Lace knit out of Angel Sea Wool (Fleece Artist)
Victorian Lace

That maight catch me up for the moment! Since I have just cast on the June Sockmania pattern
Proseknitic in Heidelberg

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