21 June 2007

Jaywalkers Cross the Street for 10 Points

I finished my very first pair of Jaywalkers last night. They would have been done sooner, but I ran out of yarn very close to the toe of the second sock. I used Colinette Jitterbug in the Jay colorway. Wonderful yarn, but it's very dense so a 100 gram skein is quite short on yardage. I did make a larger size sock, but I shortened the cuff to try and avoid using a second skein. It was not in the cards, though. I ordered another skein on Monday and it arrived yesterday. I'll have enough yarn leftover from the second skein to make another pair of normal sized socks. There are more details on my blog.

I have several more sock projects on the needles. I'll have to buckle down and work on only one at at time if I want to keep up with all of you serious knitters.


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