19 June 2007


52 Pair Plunge

Custom Colorway
Sock yarn courtesy of DYE~NAMICS!

Get yours HERE


Chelsea said...

This is a beautiful colorway! I didn't find any info on the yarn, though. What is it made of? Size needles? Yardage? Cost? Sorry - I was unable to find any of that on the ordering page or the other page. Thanks! :)

Bev Love said...

This is a beautiful colorway. I found the yarn info on the Yarn page and the ordering page. It said:

All our yarn is 100% merino superwash and comes in 430 yard skeins (except Sport Stripes, which comes in 215 yd skeins).
All colors are available in two weights:

Sport - 6-7 st/in on size 3 needles
Fingering - 7-8 st/in on size 2 needles
Please note weight on ordering form.

1-3 Full Skeins or 1-5 Half Skeins, $5.00 Shipping & Handling
If you order more than 4 Full Skeins or 6 Half Skeins, Shipping & Handling is FREE

Bev Love said...

Oops I forgot to paste the prices.

- Full Skeins (430 yds) $24.00
- Half Skeins (215 yds Sport Weight Stripes Only) $12.00