14 June 2007

Found my way back!

Rumors that I hung up my needles were greatly exaggerated. I'm still slogging along!

Pair number Nine - a Cat Bordhi classic, knitted with Regia Crazy on US 2's. What's really crazy is that I took great care in matching the yarns of two skeins for about the first three yards so they would be identical. Guess that's why they call it crazy! In the picture, I think this pair look like they are subject to an electric charge, or the horizontal hold on the television is giving up! At least they don't glow in the dark . . . I don't think! This pair will be part of a gathering of 50 gifts for a dear friend who is turning 50 in a couple weeks. Our quilt group made her a quilt, too. Should be a great surprise party!

Now for something completely different, Embossed Leaves from Interweave Knits, "Favorite Socks" done on US 1's with Steinbach Wolle Strapaz. I'm really happy with the way these turned out. Especially since I stumbled a couple times, and had to frog about half a pattern repeat each time. I wasn't too excited about them then!
Last weekend, I went with a couple friends to Columbus, Ohio, to the National Quilt Association annual show. Imagine my glee on finding a knitters convention there, also. At lunch, I announced to my friends that I was going to make a quick stop at the Knitter's Merchant Mall to see what I could find. They just laughed, and said they were surprised I held out as long as I did. Anyway, next post, I'll show the treasures which I acquired.

I have one sock done and the ribbing complete for the second on my eleventh pair. Can you believe we are approaching the quarter mark on this adventure? Knit on!