02 June 2007

Fire on the Mountain - 19/52


Using Fire on the Mountain, medium weight STR from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, my original intention was to knit Vinnland from Anti Craft. But the pattern got lost and will be saved for some solid green yarn that just came in. Switching to 4/1 ribbing on the fronts - knit on 60 stitches on 2,5 mm needles.

The rest of the information can be found on
my blog along with the joys of two weeks of field duty in the back corner of Germany.



Jenneke said...

Wow, that's a fun colorway!

Anonymous said...

i think this is pair 20 for you, not 19. *smile* cheers, your sockapalooza pal who has been following along with all your sock knitting.

Holly said...

It could be pair 20. I have three more done since then. insane here, totally insane.