20 May 2007


Upon joining this group I knew I had a good chance of hitting the 52 mark. Then the Seasocks cruise came and my mojo was knocked out of whack. This past week my husband and decided to pick up our temporary roots and move back home. We plan to be back in Florida by mid July. School is out at the end of this week and the moving insanity begins.

With all of this going on I will be so far behind that I just feel it would be best for me to enjoy watching from afar.

I wish all of you the best in your pursuit,

Abigail 1870 pearl


Rodrigo said...

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Linda C. said...

May I suggest you just take a break for however long you need it, and come back when life evens out a little more? I suspect the 52 pairs will be a great challenge to the great majority, and I'm sure everyone just would enjoy the "pleasure of your company". Go back to socks when things slow down.
P.S. Got blogger to let me in to comment this time!