19 May 2007

Time marches on!

Took my seventh pair, the popular Monkey pattern by Cookie A, on US 1 circulars off the needles Thursday evening. Yarn is Knit Picks Essential Tweed. I really like the way the pattern shows up in the near solid color. I'm racing toward the heel flap on Pair #8, and enjoying the lacy pattern that will be revealed to you all in my next post.

In the category of "what are the chances?", I receive two yarn purchases today that I acquired through E-bay. I was mistaken on the color of one, but I'm not upset, because I got the same color in the second package . . . also the same dye lot. Two skeins came from Memphis, Tennessee, and four skeins came from Vancouver! I just can't believe they are the identical dye lot.

I've started making gifts of some of the first pairs. Two of my quilting friends had birthdays, so I gave them each a pair. Laura received the green wool-ease pair to wear to her children's athletic events, being the proper school color green for those occasions. Roseanna received the blue and white River Rapids socks. We stopped into visit a friend who is a widow, and I let her choose a pair. She selected the burgundy wool-ease pair, and a favored waitress at a small-town restaurant (great steaks and country ribs), who always inquires about my knitting, chose the green, blue and white striped Cat Bordhi standard pair. They all thanked me profusely, so that made me happy!

I'm journaling my experience as well as posting to this blog. At a future post, I'll snap a picture of my journal. I've kept a running total of yardage knitted . . . closing in on one mile . . . and added a picture of the finished socks, with the yarn label, and noted all the details. Any others keeping notes as you go?

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Mad for Knit said...

Hi, I'm keeping a journal of my progress. I've just got a little A5 folder where I keep info on each pair I've knitted. I decided to keep this as a future record for myself and also so I could show all my friends at my local SnB group how I was getting along with this challenge.