08 May 2007

Third pair down.

3 of .... wait, what was the goal again? I might need Ice Cream.

They're finished! I dyed the yarn using Jacquard dyes and Knitpicks Bare. The *self striping* came out okay for just winging it. The colours seem a bit odd until you lay them against jeans. I was concerned that perhaps I had underestimated the amount (the scale bit the dust) and so I made the heels in a different colour (also dyed by Moi). And finished with just the right amount that I could have made the whole bleedin sock. But Finished beats not, eh?


jenknits said...

I really like those colors. Any idea how you got them? What colors you used? I haven't tried self-striping but it might be just as pretty in a two-color variegated.

Dharmafey said...

Not odd colors--those are perfect for the Ravenclaw House colors from the books.

Elysbeth said...

The colours are Robins Egg from Cushing and Chestnut from Jacquard. The heels are watered down Robins Egg. (probably the true hue that was meant.)