18 May 2007

Pairs 1 and 2

Yea, you read it right. I'll catch up, I swear! My First Pair Ever is the one that matches:
I hated the standard cuff-down pattern from my LYS, so I made my own mock-cabled pattern instead. Never one to do anything the easy way, I decided that for my next trick I would re-create an Egyptian sock from roughly 1200 CE for a term project in my Islamic Art class, and tossed toe-up, stranding and chart-reading into the mix along with my own hand-dyed yarn. The brown sock is a felted Roman-style sock for my Roman Art term project (I'm an art history major, could you tell?), so I'm going to count these two:

as one pair since I have no intention to make the second sock for either of them. Now that I'm back to knitting for myself and finals are nearly over, I should catch up soon. I also got my financial aid refund (finally!) and a brand-spanking new job, so I've been on a bit of a sock yarn bender. Pictures are here. Now if you'll excuse me, my needles and sense of competition are calling...

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TeAntae said...

You're not alone. I'm terribly behind as well. I'm just finishing my 1st for this!

Keept at it!