29 May 2007

Pair 8 with more to come

Finally I have pair 8. The yarn is dark and my camera sucks, but these are another variation of "monkeys" (they're just shorter. Short socks=faster knitting time, but I like the length too) with a ball of JaWoll. I only had one ball thinking that I could make a pair with it, but as you can see from the toe on the right foot, I was not so lucky. These are for me anyway and I don't mind since I'll just be wearing them around the house.

Here are pairs 9 and 10 on the needles. The long ones are knit with regia that I got at LYS on Saturday (my birthday). My boyfriend surprised me with a gift certificate so I got yarn for two more pairs and some shorte bamboo needles. I didn't think I'd like them but I really do. I still like my Prym (german) needles the best, but the length (4 inches) of the bamboo ones are nice, very earthy. The short ones are short because I've just started them, but they'll be a lovely gansey pattern when I'm done.

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