12 May 2007

Now six, soon seven!

Second sock of Number 6 came off the needles this morning. The pattern is a free project sheet for Dorm Socks from Red Heart for their product "Strata". I didn't care for the color offerings, and that yarn felt harsh to me, so I selected Bernat Softee Chunky on Size 7 needles. I made a pair of these for my DIL last Christmas, and thought they will be a good candidate for the high school/college members of the familyat Christmas this year. They knit quickly, as I did 90% of the second sock while I waited for my DH as he had out-patient knee surgery. He's doing just fine, and it was a perfect project to keep me busy. I have my second Monkey sock on the needles (US 1's . . . what a dramatic change!), and I'm targetting to finish that one by next weekend. Acquired the Vogue On The Go Socks Two this week, and a vintage Bernat sock book from 1949, which is in PERFECT condition. Looks like it just came off the printing press. I succumbed and ordered some Bare yarns from Knitpicks, too. I'm going to dye some yarns of my own soon. I think I hear a blue Monkey calling me!

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Elysbeth said...

I like those bigger gauge patterns, I'll have to look for the Dorm sheet. Thanks