01 May 2007

For the month of April...

With design deadlines looming, I was beginning to wonder if I'd manage to end the month on track for keeping up.

Never thought I'd be grateful for triple digit temperatures like we've had for the past several days, but thanks to it being too hot to knit on anything larger, I managed to end the month with 6 pairs completed.

More pics on the blog and at flickr (links on the blog)

There's the Mad Weave pictured here, Painted Madness, Mad to Dance, all from Sock Madness. Information on those patterns will all be found on the Sock Madness site.

Fourth up is the "Orange you glad I didn't say banana" pair for Socktopia. Pattern is "Tidal Wave", available from South West Trading Company as a free download.

Then there's two more that I can't show pictures of just yet. Started out as one pair for an upcoming family member's birthday gift, that I designed on the fly. Was asked to send a pic to the yarn company, and they wanted the pattern, so made another pair as a sample, wrote up directions and sent those off. Info on when and where they'll be available to be added later.

I thought I was pretty prolific with the fo's coming off the needles, but following along and watching all the socks coming off the needles here have me rethinking that notion. WTG everyone! Keep up the great work!

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