28 May 2007

#8, plus auction find!

Pair number 8 finished. Pattern is Lacy Mock Cable Socks, from Island of Misfit Patterns, using Plymouth Sockotta, worked on US size 2 circulars. Pattern is just a five-row repeat, and I made mine a bit longer in the leg than the pattern suggested. (Do I get extra credit for longer legs of my socks?)

When I was finishing my Monkey pair, I asked DH to "build" me a pair of sock blockers with some wire hangers, using instructions I found on the internet. I really had to hunt through the house to even find any wire hangers, but fortunately, a few remained in the closet of the former bedroom of my youngest son. Norm complied, with a lovely pair . . . said it took most of the day, and he was completely exhausted by the effort. (This was an excessive bid for sympathy, and baked goods.) I went on and on about how wonderful the blockers turned out, and indeed, used them for blocking of the Monkey socks.

DH has been retired after teaching middle school English for 32 years, and he dabbles in painting, and in the last year, has been working occasionally for a couple local auctioneers as a ring man . . . one of the people who holds up items for sale, and delivers them to the successful bidder. Sometimes, he brings home treasures . . . some are even things we might want or need, and others are the result of "sympathy bids", where the auction has stalled until someone "donates" a dollar or two, so the sale can move on to the next item. Friday, he worked at a sale, while I was working at my regular job. When he came home, he brought me a set of vintage wooden sock blockers in four sizes. If I hadn't asked him to make the pair with wire hangers, he wouldn't even have known what they were. He paid $5 for all four of them, and was the only bidder.
Needless to say, I was quite excited, and delighted, and danced around the kitchen with them. He was proud that he noticed and acquired the blockers.
However, I became concerned when he followed this presentation with the comment, "Don't look in the back of the van, okay?" I managed to refrain from running to the garage screaming, but had to laugh. He purchased a collection of vintage 45rpm records and several 33rpm albums as well. Stacked up, the boxes are higher than the top of my 5'8" head. Saturday, he worked for another auctioneer, and brought home 36 canning jars of marbles. Yesterday, he washed all the jars and marbles. Today, he is going through the music, and carefully cataloging his acquisitions. He loves to dabble with organizing collections of things, and is a wonderful "house-husband", while I work. He's going to be busy for weeks with these things!
The best part? He doesn't dare say anything about my yarn and knitting needle stashes! At least my collections are useful . . . what can you do with 36 sparkling clean canning jars full of freshly washed marbles?

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Dorothy said...

use fine yarn, and tiny needles, and knit little lace covers for the marbles. then hang them in the window as suncatchers.
Haven't actually done this, but I have done tatted ones.
Good find your hubby made with the blockers!