05 April 2007

Wonderful socks!!!

Hey people, I just want to pop in and submit a posting of admiration!!!
I am absolutely flabbergasted (and inspired) by all these socks...and have to admit I am quite late with my own pair...just started the first one yesterday and almost fell asleep after some rows of stockinette.
But I am still positive on my first dash at the KAL...I still have tonight and tomorrow, ain't I? *yay*

So off to the needles and maybemaybemaybe a finished pair by tomorrow!



Anonymous said...

Hey Jools! I just bought my first 2 Cookie A patterns this morning after resisting for a couple of months. I highly recommend them - she is very clear about how to create a sock that fits properly. And they're *gorgeous!* Her website is: CookieA.com, but she also has several patterns on Knitty for free if you'd like to try out the style beforehand. Hurrah for pretty socks!

Margie said...

Cookie's patterns are really great. I knit the free Pomatomus pattern first. I wouldn't recommend that one for a first attempt, but it's a great sock. The Monkey socks are also on Knitty and they are really easy. I met Cookie at Stitches West and got the whole set of patterns. I am knitting the Mona socks and they are quite easy. The Twisted Flower looks great and not too hard. Then there is Hedera, Red Herring, Baudelaire, all available on knitty.com. I'm probably forgetting some. I just found another on her blog. BFF (best friends forever)