05 April 2007

Week 1 results

Well, I'm not going to lie...these were already on the needles when I took the Plunge. But, they're my first ones finished, so here they are:
Knitted the Monkey pattern, from Knitty.com, and used Dye-namics yarn, color Fyre. What I like best (besides the fact that I am finished) is the way the pattern makes the naturally striping yarn get all wavy and undulate like the way heat runs through coals in a campfire.
They're for my sister, Michelle in NYC.


Karin said...

Hey neighbor (almost!), nice to see you here!! LOVE that colorway. I want some! Especially since I've determined I need more sock yarn to get me through the year!
I am still plugging away on my first pair, I got waylayed this week by some "professional" knitting I had to do.

melanie said...


Just say the word - and it's yours. After all, it was you that I followed into this KAL thing...

Or maybe you want to come out and dye some once the weather FINALLY gets warm?