21 April 2007

Two of Fifty-Two

Finished pair two of fifty-two. Good way to get model pictures, when he's asleep. I've started a pair made the same way (with more stitches, naturally) for the Oldest One. This is Brooklyn Handspun, superwash, in Thomas the Train colorway. It's basically this pattern, but I didn't do the first four rows stockinette, just right into the rib. I also did my normal toe shaping.

More pictures on my blog.

Happy knitting!


StashDiva said...

what a cute little boy and the socks are cute too :-)

Elysbeth said...

Thomas the train colourway? I'll have to tell my co-worker.

lexa said...

I got this colorway probably over a year ago, but I'm sure if she doesn't have it in stock she'll dye some! She did for me. :)

eKNITabeth said...

man, what a cute kid!