10 April 2007

The things that make you go "hmm..."

Did i miss the memo about these alleged "Monkey Socks"?
Should i be knitting a pair myself?


Holly said...

Aren't we all going to join the Barrel of .... sooner or later? They are on my to-do list.
The really neat thing about seeing everone else's pairs is that it helps me chose which yarn so that I can use up stash without loosing the pattern.


Patti said...

It's a great pattern. They work up really fast.

StashDiva said...

This pattern is positively addictive, I have started another one already :-)

Tikabelle said...
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Tikabelle said...

I really like working these. I'm using the Panda Cotton yarn, and it is turning out quite cheerful without obscuring the stitches. Monkey Socks Cookie is one of my favorite sock designers so I'm enabling as much as I can! :)