01 April 2007

Ready to Go!

Hi Everybody,

I'm looking forward to this project over the coming year. I've managed to acquire a pretty good stash of sock yarns in the past few months, and more than a few patterns I'd like to try. With that in mind, I've marked all of the patterns I want to make in the books shown. I'm gonna pick at random, then use a yarn that will work from my stash and see how things go. I've even managed to finish a pair (I've got a couple of those lonely only's to work on in the next two weeks).
I finished these just this morning (my weekend goal, started the gusset decreases on #2 yesterday).



Hope said...

Beautiful socks; what pattern is that?

Ebony said...


They're Jaywalkers. The pattern can be found in the MagKnits archives.