05 April 2007

Pair #3 by Anastacia

OK, I'm officially on a roll finishing up socks. This is the THIRD pair I've finished since Sunday morning - Yes, the first pair was started BEFORE Sunday, and the first two pairs were ankles, but I've finished 3 pairs of adult sized socks in one week! Very cool.

So, I'm very excited about these socks. The yarn is the Knit Picks wool/silk blend, and feels heavenly. I LOVE the color, but just love the sheen of the yarn, and how soft it is. Here & there I did see a little splitting, but nothing compared to Tofuties, the last pair I knit with lots of splitting.

Toe up, size 1 needles, 64 stitches, and just over 8 stitches to the inch. The pattern was, I believe, a German sock pattern. Unfortunately, all I have is the chart, and at the bottom it says "translated by so-and-so"... so I'm assuming it's from one of the German socknitting groups.

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