15 April 2007

Pair #3 - ahead of schedule . . . for now!

The design, River Rapids Socks by Sock Bug, is lost a bit in the striped yarn, butI still like them. The texture shows up a bit when stretched out by a leg. I used Sock-It-To-Me, by Elann.com, on US Size 2 needles.
I've got Pair #4, two at once on two circulars, going, and got several inches of the legs done while on a bus tour yesterday to Chicago for a quilt show. I did see two other knitters, who, as I did, got in a few rows while listening to a lecture. Hey . . . I just had a great idea. We should each knit ourselves a pair of socks just like those in the 52 Pair Plunge button, so we can spot each other in crowds! I think that Knitty has a pattern which would adapt well for our purposes, called, "Very Tall Socks". Any takers? ( I think I can hear my sister-in-law's voice saying, "You're out of control").
Knit on! (Does anyone else get as tired as I do of having people ask me if my pattern is "Knit one, purl two"? Drives me crazy! )


Kerry said...

I suppose we have Wilma Flintstone to thank for that whole "knit one, purl two" thing. does it come from somewhere else?

Bev Love said...

Pretty blues, my favorite colors. Nice.