16 April 2007

Pair #2

Finally I finished no.2 and am happy to announce that I am very proud of myself (and Regia) for having managed to produce socks and yarn respectively which come up perfectly matched! (I did have to search the spot a while...*yay*)

(And I can't seem to figure out how to turn the pic...oh, well...)


Claudia said...

Great socks. I love the colorway.

Margie said...

Great looking socks! Regia is such nice yarn. I open the image in a shareware photoshop type program, resize & crop it, adjust for color, then save the new file with a nice short meaningful name. If you have Windows, go to Start, scroll up to recent documents, and click on your picture file. It will (usually) open the picture in Windows Picture Viewer, then you can rotate it. It will tell you some information will be lost but that's not true. It also saves the rotated file. Look at the bottom center of the screen for the two rotate buttons.

Mama Turtle said...

I love the colorway!