11 April 2007

Pair #1

I finished these on April 8 but my roommate had the camera. They are My Very First Socks and also My Very Own Pattern, so I'm quite proud of them. I plan to tweak the pattern a bit then put it on my blog, and I would love some feedback if anyone is willing to knit all my 500 million baby cables! I'm also planning to knit these again using yarn that will show the cables better. :)


Jenneke said...

Hi! The yarn doesn't really show the cables you've made. I'd love to test knit for you with some (semi) solid yarn.

Jools said...

Oh, I like your socks!
Even if the colorway does not show the cables, they're mighty purrty! And I am also looking forward to your pattern!

Kerry said...

You can't ever have enough sock yarn or patterns for that yarn. I'm in complete awe of people who are able to design patterns and then who are generous enough to share patterns with the rest of us. I can't wait!