13 April 2007

ONE DONE.. and I'm NOT Knitting the Other!

I have ONE SOCK complete! And I love love LOVE it! YAYYYY!!! And.. I'm NOT knitting the other!! LOL!
Now you might be asking.. "HUH? Why are you so happy with one? And why aren't I knitting the other?!! You only get a notch if you complete the PAIR.."
Well.... I'm part of the Sock Hop Sock Swap and in this swap -- we only knit one sock before sending it to our pal and they finish the other sock with the yarn and pattern you provide.
So... I'm considering my one sock knitted at HALF of ONE DONE! :) In other words.. 0.5 / 52 pairs complete.
When I recieve my one sock from my other Sock Hop Sock Swap pal -- I'll knit that and then place my status for this pair at 1 full pair knitted.
Check out my blog for more pics and details or click here.
Next up? Finish my RSC Monsoon socks, some Hip Chic Duet Socks and a pair of Monkey socks!
Wish me luck! LOL!