10 April 2007

Introduction + first socks

Finally, posting! I was very excited about joining, and then when I got approved my life all at once got really busy and I had no time to introduce!

An extra thanks to eKNITabeth for letting me join!!

Anyway, my name is Rebecca (I go by Emily online), I live in Belgium and I learned myself to knit socks about 3 years ago. I'm addicted ever since and my sock yarn stash is huge! I do want more handknit socks in my closet though, in the hopes not having to wair any store bought socks next Winter! So this KAL will be a great help, though I don't know if I'll make it! It's hard for me to concentrate on just one project. I can easily finish a pair of socks in a week if I want to but then again, there are so many WIPs in my house and they all beg for my attention! On top of that I'm addicted to knee socks so that's a bit harder!

I luckily do have small feet, but both my sisters and my boyfriend all want handknit socks too (my boyfriend wears them a lot!) and they all have quite big feet (though nothing compared to what I know off, my boyfriend has small feet for a guy!).

Anyway, I just finished my first pair, which is totally for me! :D

Monkey socks

Pattern : Monkey by Cookie!
Yarn : Sock Club yarn from SpunkyEclectic (lost the lable though, so don't remember the colourway/month)
Needles : 2.25mm Inox Circular
Started/Finished : March 24th till April 9th 2007

I hadn't done much on them till I picked them up again on Sunday April 1st, so they are knit in a timely matter. I like the more challaging patterns though simple stockinette socks will be more in my future if I want to make it through this (and probably quite a bit of anklets, which I do wear a lot during Summer - I always have cold feet).

Next started are Pomatumus socks for my sister! Plus finishing up all that's in my Sock WIP bag! :D


Jenneke said...

Lovely colorway! I'm dying to start on some monkeys myself. Btw, are you from the Dutch speaking side or from the French speaking side of Belgium? greatings

Holly said...

Welcome! that means one more from the continent! Love the monkeys!