04 April 2007


let's hope that blogger will let me publish this time :) I had a big post all written out last night and blogger wouldn't let me post or save it :)

I'm about to finish my first pair (today or tomorrow), but I wanted to share a couple of cool free sock patterns I found while looking for something totally different LOL.

Smoking Hot Socks

Ashes (scroll down to see a great pic of them being worn!!!)

I'm planning to make both pairs sometime in the next year hehehe.

Congratulations to all of you who have already finished your first pair of socks :)

Cheers Eva


Heddy said...

I love the smoking hot socks ... but can't get the pattern to download! They are gorgeous!

Caroline said...

Love the Ashes socks!! I think I have some great yarn for those! Thanks!

Bev Love said...

Those are both beautiful patterns thank you for sharing them. I wish I could make 52 different sock patterns for the plunge, but I think the learning curve on some of the patterns would slow me down. So at least half will have to be plain or very simple repeat patterns.