03 April 2007

doing my part...

....to max out this blog really fast. :)
I am finally not a socks that rock virgin anymore...here's what I decided on for my first pair in this KAL:
Colorway Bleeding Hearts.

And here's flashing the sock yarn stash:

I was surprised to find out that I will not make it through the year without having to buy more yarn. Durn. ;)

A couple of these are not in the running. So now I have 45 pairs' worth.

Yay! That gives me permission to buy more!


Jaimi said...

I think I have the same colorway of Tofootsies! What size needle do you think you'd use with it? It looks rather thin to me.

Karin said...

I am using a size 1 bamboo needle from addi turbo, which is a 2.5 mm. That same needle size is a 1.5 (US) in Brittany Birch I think.
I also happen to have the Tofutsies color this reminds you of, and I gotta tell you that the Tofutsies is markedly thinner than the Socks That Rock (we are looking at the 100% superwash merino here.)
HTH! Let me know if oyu have any more questions.

Necia said...

Bleeding hearts broke my STR virginity too. That's actually one of the yarns that I have on the needles right now. Hopefully, by the end of the week, ok early next week, I'll be posting up a completed sock. It's funny how my heart is bleeding, because I had to rip this sock several times already. I'm glad the yarn is such a great quality. I totally can see what the hype was all about.