01 April 2007

Checking In

Hi fellow sock enthusiasts and knit fanatics! I'm Delana, checking in from Westerville, OH, where spring has finally sprung.

Although I didn't finish an entire pair like some, I did manage to finish one sock (or at least it will be finished before I go to bed tonight). My first socks are the Retro Rib socks from "Favorite Socks", knit in Cider Moon Haiku (50% wool/50% silk). These are for my wonderful hubby. Next up will be a pair for me, then some charity socks, and footies for my daughter.

Do leg warmers or baby booties count??


Anonymous said...

I don't know about the leg warmers, but I feel like baby booties aren't against my rules (which I'm sticking with unless eKNITabeth lays down the law! ::grin::). After all, some weeks you may be too busy for a pair of grown-up socks, but baby socks fit right in.

That colorway you used is lovely! Can you tell me - will a 50/50 wool/silk blend felt or shrink at all? I'd love to dive into some silk stuff but I'm not certain how the blend keeps its shape.

Ebony said...

If I remember correctly, baby booties, anklets, etc all count. I'm not sure about the leg warmers though.

Jenneke said...

I think everything related to socks count as one including baby booties and legwarmers. If not, I'm in trouble:)