15 April 2007

Blocking Socks?

To Block or NOT To Block SOCKS!!? That IS the question!

So far, the socks that I’ve made, I hadn’t thought of blocking or felt I needed to? I thought because of the basic patterns, it wasn’t necessary? Am I totally off base here?
I’ve seen two links from Cookie’s Monkey Socks pattern.. one on Knitty and the other on Eunny’s site regarding blocking, but they refer to blocking everything (and I mean everything!).. but yet.. don’t seem to comment directly to socks.

Who’s blocking their socks?
Who doesn’t block socks at all?
Or sometimes?
Any other comments or input here?

Oh yeah.. I’m also having a CONTEST regarding this “sock blocking” topic at my BLOG – please visit and comment there if you’d like a skein of pretty Indie sock yarn.

Thanks in advance!!

Ann K.


trixie stix said...

Sock blockers are great to show the pattern details for photos, but as a rule, I don't use them. A nice wash and laying flat to dry is all the I need.

Holly said...

(Being totally and completely honest here in the presence off all wonderful sock knitters).

I don't block socks. I wear them (grin) if they are for me.

I do have some wonderful sock blockers and they make great stretches for pictures so that I can photo details before the sock goes off to live in someone's elses draw and sees the world from other feet.

what I wish I had was one of those manequin legs...


Kerry said...

I wish I had a manquin leg too! We should go in together and buy a pair!

I also don't block my socks, but mostly because they go off my needles and onto my feet.

I'm a selfish knitter and mostly knit socks for myself. (except when My Mom takes the socks from off my needles and onto HER feet)

Lynn Forster said...

I don't block socks either. If they are for me, I wear them. If they are for someone else, I leave them alone unless the pattern tends to draw in a little. If that's the case, I'll pull on them a bit in each direction and tell the owner that they look small, but will stretch to fit.

Hope said...

I have never blocked a sock. (I've made...uh...20?...I don't even know.) Not even gifts. None of my giftees have ever said anything except: You made me socks?