05 April 2007

4 days in, 4 socks down

I am having a blast with my first KAL, and it's so exciting to see everyone's progress.

Pair #1. "Millie", a shortened version of Cookie A.'s Millicent. (Starting from after the calf shaping) Cherry Tree Hill Supersock and 2.5 mm needle.

Pair #2. Fleece Artist Sea Wool in plain ol' stockinette, 56 sts on 3mm needle. Amethyst colourway.

Pair #3 is in progress, Monkey in Cherry Tree Hill Supersock. The Supersock came from a huge lot on e-bay last summer, so I'm trying to blow through it before I get to my newer yarns.

Happy belated birthday to Eknitabeth. Since you were so nice and helpful in setting up the KAL, I will forgive you for being a full decade younger than I am.

Cheers from Nova Scotia!

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