26 March 2007

Hello... To All Of You Crazy Sock Knitters!

It feels good to be a part of a group of other knitters.. namely sock knitters that are crazy enough to attempt 52 pairs in one year's time!
Yayyyy US!
I have a feeling each of us will accomplish all that we want and need to... I've stocked up on sock yarn and this is the perfect excuse... er.. outlet for buying more? Hmmm... I think this is going to be lots and lots of FUN!
The pair of socks in the picture were just finished this past weekend.. They are in the Chocolate Fantasy colorway by Duet Sock Yarns. Aren't they fun?!
I look forward to seeing everyone's progress throughout the year!
Happy SOCK Knitting! Ann K.


SandyK said...

GREAT looking pair of socks Ann!!

I've got a pretty good notion that this is going to be as HUGE an "enabling" group as the Sock Madness group is turning out to be!! It's utterly amazing how many sock yarns there are out there that each of us haven't seen or heard of, yet they're all showing up in droves. MAkes ya wanna run out and get each and every one of them!

Patti said...

OMG, those look yummy!